2022 Farm Sign Up
How Does It Work?

Our Farm Share Membership creates a direct relationship, a partnership, between you and our farm, and between the eating and growing of food. This is a great deal for both of us, where in exchange for your commitment to buy a share in our farm’s harvest, we commit to grow exceptionally high quality fruits and vegetables and provide a bountiful portion of it to you during the growing season. 


When you become a member of our farm program you will receive a weekly or bi-weekly share of our fresh in-season produce. Your membership helps us pay for seeds, water, equipment, maintenance, labor, and supplies.

We want you to have a personal understanding and relationship with the food you eat, the land on which it is grown and those of us who grow it.

Reasons you should join:


  • We'll grow for you truly fresh, local produce that you can’t get at the supermarket.

  • We'll grow it all using the best organic practices: no chemicals or pesticides!

  • We try to harvest the same day you get it. We know you'll get the most health from tasty produce at their nutrition peak due to their freshness.

  • You help support and continue the tradition of local family farms.

  • You will develop a personal relationship with the farmer that grows your food and know exactly where it came from.

  • You'll discover new vegetables and recipes.

Reasons why Rick & Robin offer memberships:


  • To spend time marketing their food early in the year before the 16 hour days in the field begin.

  • To receive payment early in the season, which helps the farm’s cash flow.

  • To develop a relationship with the people that they grow the food for.

  • To do their part in promoting a healthier community.

  • To show everyone what real food tastes like.

FreshGrown Farm

  • Everything you receive in your share is grown and carefully harvested by hand at FreshGrown Farm! We are committed to the best naturally sustainable, organic practices possible.

  • We are a Family Farm!  FreshGrown Farm is a family owned and operated farm that is passionate about the quality and nutritional value of the food they are raising for their children and customers. We love what we do!