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July 25 Update for our weekly members

Update #1: We’re loving growing you great food!

We want to give a big “thank you” to all of you who have been getting our weekly farm veggies. It means so much to get to know each one of you and see your enjoyment of our efforts. We love the pictures you’ve posted of meals you’ve made with them. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

This is our first year of producing for you and the rest of our farm family. We've worked hard but it is worth it. We're constantly adapting and trying to do better as we build this farm business. We hope you are pleased with what you have received and tasted. Always let us know if you see a way we can serve you better.

We do this because we really believe in the health benefits everyone gets from fresh local naturally-grown food. And we also believe getting to know those who grows your food is a very good thing. We even enjoy delivering our garden boxes or having you stop by the farm to pick up, just so we can get to know each other. We’re even making plans to have you all out to the farm for a special farm-to-table meal this fall!

Robin and Rachel picking beans

Update #2: We’ve been too successful (but we love it anyway)

When we planned our seed orders back in January, we had a hope for how much demand we would have for what we would grow. But after just two famers markets at Clinton’s Fresh at Five in June and a couple of Facebook posts in July, we blew it all out exceeding our expectations as we received requests from nearly 40 individuals and families. All coming in just a few days!

Each request we viewed as a new friend so we coaxed the most production out of all our crops and planted more. We already had successive plantings planned but we have scrambled these past weeks to do more. God has blessed us as He kept new rains coming at the right times to keep the crops healthy and growing great vegetables.

One additional thing to mention is the produce that gets to go in your box. We only put the very best in. That means not using a good-looking vegetable because a bug has gotten a bite out of it, or one that has cracked as it grew to maturity. But it puts more pressure on the quantity we need to grow to meet the high standard.

Update #3: We’re in between crops right now

The last two weeks we hit the end of these crops: tomatoes, beans, cantaloupes, squash, zucchini and cucumbers. We have second crops for all of them coming over the next few weeks. Except for the cantaloupes which will instead be replaced by watermelons over the coming weeks. Green peppers are just about ready too.

Looking further ahead, we will begin planting the fall crops in just a week: The boxes you'll be getting will include varieties of lettuce, kale, spinach, broccoli, beans, beets, carrots, collards, onions, peas, cauliflower and radishes. Its going to be a lot of fun--and so much nutritious food!

Important: How this will affect you

For the next two weeks you won't get a box! We hate this but there’s no problem. We just have to phase out old crops that are finishing up and new crops are coming in--and that will take a little time. Because the quantity is diminishing we need this brief pause in our deliveries. We want to make sure our boxes don't go out unless they are full of the best quality produce. We hope you've seen that in the ones you've gotten.

We already have figured out the changes we can make next year in our plantings so our overlap of first and second crops will not cause us to have this problem. We hope you'll forgive first year learning on the job.

One other note: If you have paid us for weeks ahead, you will always get credit for your boxes. We won’t forget.

Let us know if you have any questions. Email at: or text/phone: 601-966-6011

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