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What's being planted at FreshGrown Farm?

We're looking forward to the new life that comes to the farm with the spring. That's why we're jumping right back in after the mini-ice age we had last week. We did out best to protect our winter plants but the long stretch below 20 degrees was too much for most of them.

We had carrots, spinach and some very young lettuce that made it. We know what we think helped them survive--we'll devise a better protection plan next year. Here's spinach that had leaves burned by cold.

This younger spinach came through fine. They had more protection.

This row of carrots did fine, too.

And some baby lettuce came through okay.

We've replanted most of the winter and early spring crops. Robin's planting rows of beets by seed.

And others in soil blocks. Chinese cabbage quickly up here.

The crops growing right now are: Kale, spinach, lettuces, carrots, beets, broccoli, cabbages, bok choy and

some other greens. Sugar snap peas will go in the ground soon.

If you're wondering what will be in our produce boxes later in the spring? We're planning on:

  • strawberries,

  • blackberries,

  • lettuce,

  • bell peppers,

  • cantaloupe,

  • cucumbers,

  • eggplant,

  • green beans,

  • okra,

  • summer squash,

  • tomatoes,

  • watermelon,

  • pumpkins,

  • onions,

  • potatoes

  • sweet potatoes

  • zucchini.

We're expanding our growing areas and adding more crops. We want this year to be an even better year for healthy eating for our extended farm family. We're also going to be sending everyone who received boxes from us last year a survey or what they would like to see us grow. We don't want to leave anything good and healthy out!

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