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Greetings from your farmers! Sorry we haven't posted more but we have been working long days the past three months to get ready for this upcoming season. But we're so excited to get started and bring you the best in organic vegetables for 2019.

We built a 85 foot high tunnel to help us better extend our season and we've expanded and added more beds to grow more vegetables. And we never stop improving our soil by adding composted organic matter to all our beds. Our plants love it.

The crops have done so well considering the wild weather we've been through this spring. Lots of heavy rains and storms. Cold weather lasting longer than it should but then back and forth into very warm weather. Many of the cold weather plants have been trying to figure out what happened. We actually had to plant some crops over again that struggled.

LETS GET STARTED: Our lettuces, kales, pac choi, and carrots are ready to go so we're going to get them to you now. We're going to harvest tomorrow (Friday morning, the 26th) and start delivering on Friday and Saturday. I'll send everyone a private message to make sure its good for you. It won't be a full box so we'll count it as half a box. The next box after that will probably be a half box too as we get this season off the ground.

We'll harvest in the morning each day and deliver in the afternoon from 3:00pm - 7:00pm. Remember that even if you are going to be gone in the afternoon you can leave a cooler out and we can still get the veggies to you. Those of you who still have balances for your membership can leave a check in the cooler.

Also, I'll remind you in my delivery message to you if you do have a balance on your membership in case you've forgotten the amount.

Thanks so much for being a part of our farm family! We're looking forward to all that God enables us to grow for you this season.

Rick & Robin

P.S. - We'll have extra lettuce salad mix along when we deliver to you. If you have a neighbor or friend that you think might be interested in trying our lettuce, we'd be glad to have you give them a bag. Just let us know when we come to your door. We have an increasing number of people who have discovered how fresh our salad mix is--and how long it stays fresh.

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