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Meal suggestions Pac Choi

Pac Choi is a highly nutritious asian green that can be used in many ways. Unlike other greens, Pac Choi has a mild taste, whether cooked or served raw.

If you're not going to eat it right away, keep it a closed plastic bag on the refrigerator. It should last 2 or 3 days (before it wilts some) if properly stored.

Pac Choi in Salads: simply cut the base of the Pac Choi and separate the leaves in cold water. Either spin the leaves in a salad spinner or Pat dry with paper towel. I like to roll the leaves up and cut them in thin strips including the stalks. Then just mix it in with your mixed lettuce for a power packed side dish.

Cooked: I generally sauté almost everything in olive oil and garlic which also works well for Pac Choi. Once again, roll the leaves up and cut into strips and cut the stalks like you would with celery. I usually cut up some onion and garlic and cook that with the cut up stalks first. After the mixture is tender, ads the leaves until wilted. With all the greens, it can be added on top of chicken, need, fish or pasta, or just eaten as a nutritious side dish.

Steamed: while I haven't tried steaming Pac Choi, I can see that this also would be a great option.

Stews/soups: cut up Pac Choi and add it as the last ingredient to any soup or stew.

Breads/pizza: add cooked Pac Choi on top of toasted garlic bread or as a topper for pizza.

Eggs/Egg bake: add cooked Pac Choi to your eggs or favorite egg bake casserole. Greens are particularly good in an egg bake strata. Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

We know kale is great in smoothies, but it can also be used the same way as Pac Choi. Have fun with these greens and experiment. We'd love for you to post some of your creations!

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