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Thursday Farming Update in these wild days!

We’re at our busiest time of the year on the farm but it looks like delivering healthy food will be a little more challenging ahead. Thank the Lord that the state of Mississippi has declared that we are an “essential service” by bringing you the needed nutrition for good health as we all go through the days ahead. So we will keep growing—and keep delivering to you!!

Right now we want to give you some greens for the time you’ll be home. We’ll harvest tomorrow lettuces, pak choi and hopefully one other thing if its ready. We'll then deliver to you Friday afternoon between 1:30 and 5:00. If you haven’t cooked pac choi before it is a super-vegetable that is loaded with health benefits. You can chop it up and add it to your salad for an added taste and texture. Or stir fry it and add to a meal as a side or over rice. We can help with more recipes if you’d like help. But you have to try it. Its so good!

IMPORTANT! Here’s how we plan on delivering. We want to bring the most care and precaution to our handling for you. Plan on putting a cooler out and leave it open if you are home. Close it if you will be gone. We’ll put the veggies in and knock if you’re home so you know to come and get them. We’ll close it if you’re not home (maybe leave a little ice or refrigerant in the cooler). After we deal with each cooler, we are washing our gloved hands with soap and water so that we can ensure we are good for the next cooler.We are well and we want you to stay well. We are the only set of hands that your vegetables will see. We harvest and drop them off to you. It doesn’t get much safer than that!

Please confirm that tomorrow is good for you. Thanks so much!!

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