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It’s Almost Time for the 2021 Spring Summer Season!

Greetings from our FreshGrown Farm!

So much has happened since we last brought you fresh food, but we are close to being ready to bring you a new season of healthy eating.

As a quick update, I have had a lot on my plate these last months. My mom got sick from an infection at the end of last year and after all our efforts to get her well she went home to be with the Lord in January. It was hard. It was sad. But she is happy now and experiencing Christ’s love in an unbelievable way! Praise God!

I got behind attending to Mom, but we have been working non-stop to plant everything and be ready for all our members. We are going to limit our membership to 60 members this year. We had 100 members last year but I want to spend extra time this year expanding our ability to grow more for our members in the future. New fields, new production methods and new farm equipment are all underway.

Everything we buy to farm has gone up this year. I’m sure you have been finding that in your world too. To help with this our cost will go up a little to $30 for each full box. Our plan is to deliver 10 biweekly boxes over May, June, July, August, September and October. Our commitment is always for you to get your money's worth in quality, freshness, and plenty to eat!

If you want to be included for this season just let me know. Text me (601-966-6011) or email me ( I’ll ask that you send $75 to hold your spot and then we’ll settle on the remainder when we bring the first box. We’ll keep everyone informed how the coming weeks unfold with crop readiness, but it will probably be the end of May. All the rain we’ve been getting and all the cool weather has slowed things.

Remember, those of you who still have boxes coming from last year will be credited for them. We’ll talk individually to those of you so you know where you are at and what to do.

Let me know if you have any questions. This will probably be all the marketing we do this year, but we’ll take care of everyone in our farm family! Don’t wait too long to let me know because I’m sure our spots will go fast.

Thanks so much to those of you who will join us.

Rick Smith

(Pictures I took of a few of the many crops that are coming...)

Broccoli and cauliflower

Onions and tomatoes


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