My name is Rick Smith. I'm the farmer.


I've been married 32 years to Robin since we met when I worked for a U.S. president long ago in Washington DC . I grew up on a farm in South Dakota and have always loved to grow things. I was blessed to work at Mississippi State for a couple of decades but now am turning 30 acres in Clinton MS to be a model of sustainable high quality fruits and vegetables using the best organic practices. No pesticides, no chemical--only healthy foods. My family has four who graduated from  Mississippi College two years ago--two daughters and a son in law and a son in law (to be in May)--and our youngest son is a sophomore this year--so we love Clinton.

We're active at Morrison Heights Baptist Church helping lead the college students, we're early morning regulars at the Baptist Healthplex, and we bring our produce to the Clinton Main Street "Fresh at Five" farmers market (come see us there this spring!).

I hope to be a "personal" farmer to everyone in the Clinton area who would enjoy getting to know who grows their food and how they grow it. We know how much fresh local produce can make a difference in one's health and quality of life. Especially when the farming nurtures a healthy soil biology. Nothing would be more enjoyable and rewarding for me and my whole family than to bring good nutritious food to people in our Clinton community--and build new friendships along the way. 

Try us out and get to know us. We'll do everything we can to please you!


Rick Smith

Call or text us if you have questions. 601-966-6011 or email us below.

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