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Ready to Begin the 2023 Season!

Greetings! Its been a sad winter with no crops since the December rains and 3-day deep freeze wiped us out. We were ready to grow through the winter but the combination of rain on our "plant blankets" and then immediate deep freeze was a disaster that we have to have better plans for in the future.

Our earliest crops are our lettuces, kale, baby arugula, radishes and spinach. They'll be ready to harvest on Wednesday, March 29 - and arrive later that afternoon at your home. We feel so blessed to be where we are in our growing. There has been so much rain to slow things down. Much of it a pounding rain on baby plants. But we've gotten through it and it really looks like it can be our best growing season yet! (Check out some of the pictures I took this morning below)

Here's our crop plan so you can see what's coming. In the next few weeks, I'm going to put together my harvest dates for them so you can see what and when you'll be getting them. Our desire is to try to make it easier to know your weekly food and meal plan.

Mixed Salad Lettuce



Bell Peppers


Red & Yellow Onions







Baby Arugula

Green Bunching Onions


Green Beans



Sugar Snap Peas

Yellow Squash





Bok Choy


Baby Beet Greens

And we're experimenting with some other things so there will probably be more to offer.

One other thing to mention: We're experiencing the same inflation in prices as everyone else. Everything we buy--from seeds irrigation equipment to organic fertilizer and pest control--it all costs more. We're kept our prices the same the last two years, but we really have no choice but to raise our biweekly box price from $30 to $35. As much as we love growing healthy food for all our members, we have to make financial decisions that allow us to stay in business. We hope you agree as you see another season of our farm growing the very freshest and healthiest foods possible.

Also, consider if you would like to keep up with what's happening at our farm by following us at Instagram. If enough of our members say yes, we're going to put the effort into communicating more about what your farmer is up to. I'll ask you again in a separate text so that its convenient for you to let me know.

Don't hesitate to text us with any questions. We just appreciate so much our members and their enthusiasm for the nutritious role we try to play in their family's lives.


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